How To Flat Lay Photos

I love photography! Some photos that catch my eye are beach, nature, food. beauty, and fashion photos. You get the picture; see what I did there. Anyway, a photo type that gets my attention more than most are flat lays. If you do not know how to flat lay or even what a flat lay is I will share that with you. A flat lay is an arrangement of items on a flat surface that look good and come together to make a pretty photo. There are many steps. to a flat lay. The first step is to get inspired. Now, like I said a flat lay is an arrangement of items and those items can be anything, its up to you. So, it could be a food flat lay, beauty or fashion flat lay, a stationary flat lay; really any kind that you want. So go on instagram and find your inspiration. Just search #flatlay on instagram and you’re mind will be blown with just how popular these photos are. I promise you will find your inspiration. Step two, gather your props and assemble. Your’re going to need a nice background for this photo . If you are going to place a lot of props on it I would suggest a simple background. It can be marble, a pretty wooden floor, or a solid color or any other background you want. I like to keep my backgrounds simple because if you have a busy background it takes your eye away from the props in the photo. Once you have your background it is time to get your props together, Now some people like to keep the props pretty uniform by arranging them into a square to fit in the square photo setting for Instargam. Then there are people who like it a little more messy and scattered where they lay and place the items anywhere it looks pleasing to them. Something I like to do is find as many props as I can for the photo so I enough to pick and choose from then I decide whether it is going to be a little more messy or a square photo. When arranging your props you want to make sure there are no big blank spots, but you also don’t want to over do it by adding to many props and making it look cluttered. Another tip is if you are doing a flat lay and you have one item that you want to be your focus point. Place that down first then add other smaller items around it. So lets say you got a new make up pallet and you want that to be your focus. What you would do is place that down first then you place items that go with it around it. In this case it could be make brushes, lipstick, lipgloss or glitter. As long as they all look good together it will be perfect. Step three, now that we have our inspiration, our background and props it is time to take the photo. Most flat lay photos are taken from a birds eye view which mean you are going to get up high and aim your camera straight down. Like I said most flat lay photos are taken from a birds eye, but you could also angle it a little to give another perspective and make it a little more interesting. If you feel like your photo is missing something or needs a little more you could also ad your hand in to it holding one of the props. If you want to use both hands it is most likely you are going to need a friend or family member to take the photo. Step four, once you have your photo taken it is time to move on to editing. Personally this is one of my favorite parts. Now there are so many apps to choose from to edit your photos with. I love to edit my pictures with VSCOcam then I arrange my theme with UNUM, but there are a lot more apps that are very popular. The ones I hear people talking about the most are VSCOcam, After Light, and Face Tune. Obviously there are many more out there but these are the ones I hear the most about. It just depends on what you are looking to get out of your editing experience and what you want your photos to look like. Step five, have fun! Photography can be very entertaining and very fun no matter what kind of photo it is. So, don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it.