New Sunglasses Every Month

If you like have new accessories every month like sunglasses then Sol Theory is for you. Sol Theory is a online shop and a subscription service where every month they send you a new pair of sunglasses that are amazing quality and fashionalble. They contacted me back in August of 2016 to see if I would like to become an ambassador for there subscription service. I immediately replied with a yes! I mean who doesn’t love getting new sunglasses that are fashionable and affordable and you don’t have to hunt them down in a store. Along with becoming an ambassador they gave me a coupon code DREAMER96 for my friends family and followers to get 20% of there first subscription box. This company offers many choices of subscription boxes which are

* Hers single pair + three beauty products for $19.99
* Hers single pair box $12.99
* Hers single pair + one jewelry accessory $19.99
* His & Hers box $19.99
* Hers two pair box $19.99
* His single pair box $12.99
* Hers single pair + two jewelry accessories $26.99
* His two pair box $19.99

With all these choices theres no way you could go wrong whether it be a present for a loved one or a little gift for your self. The box I choose each month is the Hers single pair box and even though there aren’t any extra goodies in the box I still get excited when it arrives. I think that Sol Theory is a great service and I’m so happy that they contacted me a year ago. If they didn’t I would probably still be spending a lot of money on a new pairs of sunglasses. I’m always happy and excited to see what’s in my monthly box comes and it’s fun to style my new sunnies with an outfit. Sol Theory philosophy is Be Bold. Be Chic. Never Boring. I think they have definitely achieved that and are doing an amazing job. By the way, this is not a sponsored blog post these are just my thoughts on this company and after having my subscription for a year I’m still satisfied.IMG_5789IMG_5826