Instagram Themes

First lets start with the basics of an Instagram theme. What is an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme is a way to edit your photos to make them look put together and make them look like they belong. There are many different Instagram themes whichever one you like will tend to be your preference of choice. There is the blue theme, the black and white theme, the colorful theme and every theme in between. The first thing I would do is get inspired by other accounts and see what catches your eye and what draws you to a particular Instagram. If you like what you are seeing on there accounts in most likely other people do as well.

The Blue Theme- This theme is one I see more through the summer because everyone is going to the beach or the pool and outside just generally outside around blue objects. All which make this an easy theme to maintain. If you really love blue and are dedicated to keeping up with this theme it can be very pretty and eye pleasing. A way to get inspired for this theme is to look for accounts who have the same theme and have had it for awhile so they know what they are doing.


The Clean Theme- This theme has a lot of whites in it whether it be a white back ground or a white object that makes it look beautiful but simple at the same time.These themes also usually have a pop of color in them so its not all white and It will get people’s attention. This theme usually gets a large following because of how put together and pretty it can be. But, it is a more difficult theme to maintain because of all the white. So if you want this to be your theme be ready to do a lot of editing.


The Black & White Theme- This theme is very easy to take care of how could you really go wrong; its black and white. Either everything in the photo is black and white or you can put a black and white filter on the photos. It’s personally not my favorite theme but it is simple and easy to do. So if you love black and white and love the way this theme looks then it is the one for you.


The Travel Theme- This is theme is for all you travelers who explore the world and are in a new place every week. You don’t need to do a lot of editing to these photos because these photos capture the beauty of the world. So, if you love traveling and are one of the lucky ones that get to travel then this is perfect and easy for you.


The Colorful Theme- This theme is its name, it’s colorful, bright and its fun. You can pretty much post a photo of any color you want with this theme until your Instagram becomes a rainbow. A lot of YouTubers and bloggers are fond of this theme, but because it is so colorful and bright it can be a little more difficult to maintain. This theme definalty takes patience and a little more editing but if this is your style then go for it.


My Theme- My theme right now is what I would like to call the in between theme. If you are someone like me who likes to have their theme go with the season or likes to change your theme all the time then you are free to share your personal style. What I call my theme is the in between theme because I didn’t really want to end my Summer theme but its to early to start my Fall theme. So I picked a filter on VSCOcam and made my in between theme and this will be my theme until the Fall.


I want to remind everyone that Instagram was not created for photographers it was made so anyone could share there adventures with the world and have a way to express yourself. So, don’t feel like you need to have a theme or you have to edit your photos to make them look professional. I have two accounts, One I post anything I want on and one that has a theme so I can do both. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Either theme you choose I’m sure you’re Instagram will turn out amazing and beautiful. Always remember to have fun with it!