Liquid Foundation Yes Or NO

So for a really long time my mom wanted me to try a liquid foundation, but I always said no. I didn’t want to try it because one, it cost a lot and two, I couldn’t find a shade that wouldn’t make me look orange and three, I felt like it would just melt off my face. Recently, because it is summer I have been looking more into liquid foundation. I wanted something that wouldn’t feel so heavy on my face and make me feel like I’m melting in this lovely Florida heat. So, I was in Ulta maybe three weeks ago and I was browsing around the drug store portion of the store. You know the area where they have the Ulta brand make up and the drug store brand make up. I was originally there just to get a translucent powder, which I did get then I decided to look at the liquid foundations; why not? The first brand I looked at was Revlon. At the time a lot of YouTubers I watched were reviewing this brand of liquid foundations the most. This foundation was the first one to catch my eye and is the one I purchased. It is the Revlon Color Stay twenty-four hour wear for combination/oily skin liquid foundation. I got it in the shade 110 Ivory. I got the lightest shade in the combination/oily skin one because even though I live in Florida I am not the tannest person ever. They also have this foundation for normal/ dry skin but because my skin is more on the oily side I figured the one for oily skin was the better option for me. When I bought this product I did not try it the second I got home so, it did worry me a little that I might have just bought the wrong shade and that it might look orange on my face the next day. But, I was super excited to try it out. I guess you could say this was my first liquid foundation, that is if you don’t count BB cream as a foundation. I count that as a tinted moisturizer. The next morning it was time to try this foundation. I quickly did my normal eye make up routine before I started on my face. I used my foundation oval brush to apply it to my face. I just squirted two little dots out on my brush then applied it all over my face. I like the texture. It feels pretty light and not to heavy and it also blends pretty well so I don’t look splotchy. It also gives me some decent even coverage. I set this product with my translucent powder that I purchased along with the foundation. Then I completed my make up by applying my contour and highlighter then my mascara and lipstick. Overall, I really do like this product and its a decent price at $12.99 where as the Too Faced liquid foundations are $39, the Urban Decay liquid foundations are at $40, and the Tarte liquid foundations are $39. Don’t get me wrong I love all these brands but when you’re trying out a new product and you’re not sure if you actually like it I feel it is better to get a drug store brand to test first before spending so much money on a higher brand name product. So, is liquid foundation a yes or no? I think a yes! I think its a good product for year around and summer definitely especially when I’m at one of my little brother’s baseball games. I enjoy not feeling like my face is melting off. So, is liquid foundation a yes or no for you?