Get To Kow Me

When I was younger from about five years old to fifteen I wanted to be a fashion designer. I loved the idea of designing clothes for people to wear and the world to see. As I was getting closer to my freshmen year of high school I realized that fashion design did not please me as much as it used to. Honestly, it freaked me out a little bit that something I loved for so long was not what I wanted to do anymore. Going in to high school I no longer had a goal to work towards and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. But, it seemed like a lot of my friends kind of new what they wanted to do with their futures so it felt a little strange that I couldn’t find anything to do with mine. Now, even though I no longer dream of being apart of the fashion design world does not mean my love for fashion has died. I still love putting together outfits, picking the right shoes, the perfect accessories like purses, jewelry, and phone cases. Along with fashion comes a love for beauty. I’m not a make up artist but I am a girl and like any girl I love to sit in my bathroom for hours creating new looks. I would like to say I’m decent at doing make up but it wasn’t always like that. When I was younger I took dance classes, ballet and jazz. If you have ever taken dance class before and had either a dance competition or recital you know how much make up has to be on your face. By the time I was thirteen I was doing my make up for my recitals on my own before my mom would do it for me. Because, I knew how I needed to do my make up for each recital it was easy to do each time. But, when it came to everyday looks I needed help so I turned to everybody’s favorite thing, YouTube. From there I learned how to pick the right shade of foundation and which lipstick shade looks good with my skin tone. I learned what colors made my eyes pop and which ones made them look dull and how to contour my face. As I was learning all of this I started with the small stuff like winged eyeliner, slight contouring and so on until I felt comfortable and confident enough with the make up on my face to leave the house. Even now at twenty years old I still sit on my bathroom counter in front of the mirror trying out all kinds of looks some of them turn out decent and are able to leave the house some of the looks are strictly for my self and the bathroom. I don’t know about anyone else but when my outfit is amazing and my make is perfect I want to take as many pictures as possible, which is where my new love comes, photography. Photography became a part of my life last summer. I enjoyed taking pictures here and there before but I didn’t really get into it until last year. I like to use two cameras when taking photos, my iPhone 7 camera and my DSLR camera, Canon Rebel Eos T6i. I like to use my iPhone camera when I’m out most of the time because it is something I always have with me. But, when I’m out on an adventure like taking a walk on the beach or exploring around a nature preserve I like to have my Canon with me for more professional looking photos. Now for the photos of myself, just like any other girl I do take my selfies on my iPhone. But, if I want a full body better quality photo I have my little brother play photographer and take it for me with my DSLR. Just as fashion, beauty, and photography has become apart of my life. I’m hoping that this blog will do that as well. So I hope you enjoy my blog and find just what you’re looking for and come along with me on this blogging journey.